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Picture Car Warehouse  About The Founder
Ted Moser, owner and founder of Picture Car Warehouse, began his career on the production side of the picture car industry over two decades ago. During that time, Ted has provided cars for dozens of motion pictures, including “2 Fast 2 Furious”, one of the biggest picture car movies ever made. With a vehicle budget of over $7 million, “Furious” required 188 vehicles to be build in-house. Ted delivered all the cars on time and under budget. In addition to “Furious”, Ted has built cars from the ground up for Rush Hour 3, Bucket List, Grindhouse, Taxi, Star Trek, to name a few.

While he was working as a transportation coordinator, Ted conceived of a picture car service that would make vehicle requirements the easiest part of production. As a result, Ted and Picture Car Warehouse provide solutions to the often difficult problems that can arise during production. Picture Car Warehouse is a combination of a responsive rental department, skilled body shop, expert upholsterers, creative graphic designers, talented fabricators and master mechanics.

Ted’s resume speaks for itself. Years of dedication, leadership and vision have culminated in a picture vehicle service known throughout the industry, coast to coast and beyond.

About Us
Picture Car Warehouse is a state-of-the-art picture vehicle facility – and Hollywood’s most complete.

We are housed at Los Angeles Center Studios in downtown Los Angeles, the only picture car facility on the premises of any motion picture studio. Picture Car Warehouse has an inventory of over 700 vehicles to choose among – police cars, emergency vehicles, large trucks, muscle cars, period cars, ND cars, along with many custom-built vehicles. If we don’t already have it in stock, we’ll find it, build it or create it. Picture Car Warehouse is truly one-stop shopping. You just don’t need to look any further to find what you need.

Renting a vehicle with PCW is a snap. Tell us what you need, when you need it, where you need it and then relax. We do this every day. Our rental experts will guide you through the process and get everything where it is supposed to be when it is supposed to be there. If you’re new at this, we’re the best help you can get. If you’re a seasoned veteran, you already know your project is in good hands.

Anyone who has worked in the film business for more than a few minutes knows there is always going to be a problem nobody ever saw coming just when no one has time to solve it. The rental department at PCW is designed with the needs of production in mind. We anticipate the problems inherent with production and have solutions ready before the problem arises. We have over 100 years of combined experience in the motion picture industry, we’ve seen just about everything.

Body Shop
Picture Car Warehouse’s body shop can build anything. Whether you require a color change, an overnight repair or multiple vehicle needs, these are the people you want on your team.

These guys can take your ideas and drawings and turn them into reality. We have built vehicles from nothing more than chicken scratch on a cocktail napkin all the way up to precise blue prints with the tightest tolerances. If you can think of it, we can build it. Exercise your creativity, you'll love seeing it come to life.

• You’ve designed a race car that has never been seen before, and you need it in ten days?
• You need three identical 1965 vans that nobody else even has one of?
• Your $100,000 red Ferrari needs to be blue? We’ll peel coat it . . . blue for your shot, back to red by morning.
• Your script just changed and you need a pink Matador with paisley accents?
• You have one week to build two identical 1969 Mach 1’s?
• Your stunt just went south and you need another hero car?

This is what we breathe all day long. If it can’t be done, we can do it.

Fabrication and Mechanical Shop
PCW’s mechanical shop is a full service center for feature films, television, music videos, still shoots and commercials. From full restorations to multiple vehicles, we have done it all. We’ve built custom GTO’s, F-150 trucks, Mustangs for XXX 2, Toyota Tundra race trucks for Bench Warmers, 5 Volkswagen Buses for Little Miss Sunshine, 1970’s Challengers for Grindhouse, the Corvette in Star Trek, too many to list.

We can install fuel cells, build and install tow tabs, install line locks, disable computers and whatever else production might throw at you. Our mechanical shop works hand in hand with our fabrication department and your special effects department.

The Picture Car Warehouse fabrication department is state of the art. Installing air bag suspensions, lowering kits, lift kits, custom wheels and tires, quick removal of doors or windows, camera mounts and tow tabs are just a few of the many jobs we can do. Our team has many years of experience in fabricating any special need. We know the geometry.

Upholstery Shop
Picture Car Warehouse’s upholstery shop can re-do or customize carpet, seats, headliners, door panels or dashes for the look you want. Custom fabrics or vinyl can be sourced through us as well. We can help you design and execute the exact look that you need for your car.

Graphics Department
PCW’s graphics department can create all types of emergency vehicles, taxi cabs, delivery vehicles, etc., etc. and so on. Any specific graphics to suit your needs. If you already have your design set, just email it to us, we’ll print, cut and install it for you. Not sure of the look you need? Consult with our graphic designer, he’ll take it from just an idea to you seeing on the side of your vehicle – when you need it.

Specialty Vehicle Brokerage
If there is something you need that you don’t see on our website, odds are we already have access to it or we can find it. We have a stable of over 400 specialty, collectible, rare and vintage cars available quickly and reliably. More unbelievable vehicles are added to our database every week.

It makes sense to think in terms of value when you are shopping for picture cars. The reason you go to a specialist for anything is because they know what to do to make sure you get what you need. Wrangling one vehicle or 50 vehicles, you really need the expertise of someone who knows production, stunts, scheduling, contingency, transportation and of course, cars. Often, when our clients are looking for a car, we are able to guide them in the proper direction, many times a direction they never even thought of. In order to solve problems before they happen, you want to deal with a professional who knows your needs and knows the potential difficulties you may encounter. We think things through forwards and backwards and then look at it from both sides. It is our knowledge, experience and guidance that keeps your job running smooth and trouble free.