July 2006
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Congratulations to Brielle Strohmeyer, the winner of June's Actress of the Month competition. Also featured in the newsletter, is our next batch of competing beauties. Show your support for you favourite and get your vote in early. Also, keep in mind, the IFA needs your short films for our online competition, so get them in now!

Brielle Strohmeyer: beauty and brains
by Karina Halle

Brielle Strohmeyer is a unique Actress of the Month - not only is she an actress, but an accomplished business woman as well. She's an associate producer with Swordplay Entertainment and is currently producing Conan: Red Nails , an animated film, which features her own voice debut, as well as the voices of James Marsden, Clancy Brown and Mark Hamill.

Strohmeyer, 26, is a native of Manhattan, Kansas, more famously known as the 'The Little Apple.' She always dreamed of making it in Hollywood, and her mother and family would agree that if there was a stage around she would find some way to be on it. Three years ago she packed everything and headed west. Through many trials and triumphs she has managed to make a living working both in front of and behind the camera. She has hosted several regional commercial spots and continues to study while working towards her big break.

Though it might seem hard to balance both producing and acting, Strohmeyer likes the challange and finds that it allows her to fulfill herself creatively. She also hopes this route will also create something for herself down the line.

"Hopefully, I can create and find my own destiny instead of sitting back and waiting for things to happen," she says.

By winning Actress of the Month, it looks like Strohmeyer is one step closer to her destiny.

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Vote for July's Actress of the Month:
Kimmarie Johnson

Kimmarie Johnson has no shortage of Industry experience. From tweaking her acting skills at The Groundlings and Downtown Playhouse Theatre Co., to modelling and commercials, to doing theatre and roles in films such as Dude Where's My Car, Johnson is a force to be reckoned with. Think she's more than a cute face? Vote for her online.

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Ofri Fuchs

Hollywood's quest for the latest international beauty has uncovered an exciting new performer. Ofri Fuchs, up-and-coming star of stage and screen, has turned recent successes in a slew of independent projects into a catalyst for certain triumph in Hollywood.

With strong theatre credits in leading roles in productions such as The Imaginary Invalid, Stomp, and The Odyssey which was performed in Russia, Fuchs has the on-stage training and natural skills that captivate audiences and producers alike. Growing up in Israel, she has served 2 years in the Israeli Intelligence after which she was accepted to and trained in the leading acting Studio. She moved to Russia and then on to SF and LA - all of which were stops on her journey to a professional acting career based on her thirst for a variety of training methods.

She also co-starred in the independent film Turn Back Now and was featured in the Paramount Pictures film Twisted starring Ashley Judd and Samuel L. Jackson. The future looks promising.

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Marisa Petroro

Marisa Petroro is a true multi-tasker. Not only has she been voted Miss Italia USA 1996, one of the "Most Amazing Newcomers" by Stuff Magazine and featured in Maxim magazine, but she's extremely talented as well. She's just wrapped supporting role in romantic comedy, Everybody Wants To Be Italian, with Penny Marshall and a supporting role in the medical thriller Unrest with Joshua Alba. She's also featured on the TV shows Reno 911, Deal or No Deal and Scrubs.

So how did Petroro get this far? In her own words: "I have shed much blood, sweat and tears to get where I am today. I love what I do and do it with all my heart."

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Christine Mulholland

What Christine Mulholland lacks in experience, she makes up for in training. At just age 19, Mulholland has trained at California State University Long Beach for Theatre Arts, Karen Kalensky Acting for film and TV, and Orange County's Actor's Studio Acting for Film, as well as countless others, include classes at the New York Film Academy.

Mulholland thinks you should vote for her as the Actress of the Month because "I have been working so hard, going to classes and getting the training I need. Finally after 3 years of training and learning the business I was able to get a legit SAG agent. After signing with Bonnie Black Talent Agency in March I thought I would be getting a lot of auiditons, but that wasn't the case. I'm hoping becoming IFA's "Actress of the Month" will help me with exposure and 'get me out there'!" We hope so too.

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IFA Call for Submissions - SHORT FILMS NEEDED

The IFA Online Film Festival is looking for submissions now for the festival starting August 1st. We'll then pick four of the best to compete for the month, with the voting done by the hundreds of thousands of people who visit our site. With the winner of each month being announced in the following month, this process will continue for 12 months. Once we have 12 winners, we will showcase the films in a theater in Hollywood, CA and announce the grand winner.

There is no charge to enter, so get your films in now- even if a friend of yours has a film, pass this information on and let's have ourselves a festival!

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