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 Making Money in Movies Seminar
 It's Possible! Imagine That!

Andrew Have you ever thought about becoming an Executive Producer? Do you know how Indie Films make money? Are you looking to take the first steps into a new career? Then this seminar is for you! Renowned Indie Film Producer Andrew Van Slee (Adam & Evil, Totally Blonde, Net Games) is hosting a seminar workshop on how to make money in Independent Films. Yes, go ahead and quit your day job! With the tips and information given in this seminar, you can learn how to be involved with the Indie Film industry and how to make a steady income from producing Independent Films alone.

Part of the secret to making it in Indie Films is the growing attention that major Hollywood Studios are putting on direct-to-video titles. Jay A. Fernandez succinctly summed up this blossoming trend in his article, "The Direct Effect" in this month’s edition of Premiere Magazine. Fernandez speculates, “In the 30 years since the advent of the VCR, the home video industry has ballooned into a $24 billion-a-year business, which is astonishing, especially when compared with the mere $9 billion that theatrical releases earned in 2006 . . . So a major movement is now afoot in Hollywood not only to capitalize on the burgeoning DTV market but also to make it more respectable. With Warner Bros. joining the cause this past August with its launch of Warner Premiere, every major studio has created a distinct internal division to produce and finance these pictures for an audience perfectly content to watch a first-run movie at home and avoid the expense and hassle of the multiplex altogether.”

The Independent Filmmakers Alliance is well ahead of this growing trend. Executive Producer Andrew Van Slee has made a career out of direct-to-video releases and is a reigning authority on how to produce a DTV Indie Film quickly, succinctly and within the confines of a limited budge. In his seminar, Andrew will expound on the steps it takes to make your filmmaking dreams a lucrative reality.

Here’s a taste of what people have to say about Andrew’s seminars –

"My film partner, Kate, and I started a new genre division of our company this past fall. We had decided to raise money and do a series of horror films. Since we had only done international co-productions at that point, we had never raised money privately and had never taken on doing a movie here in Los Angeles. Also, we had always had international partners that shared the jobs. This time we were responsible for every single aspect from raising the money, to producing the film, getting through post, finding a distributor and then delivering the final product in time for the film market. We were clear we needed an advisor to guide us through ever step of the way. The first and only person to come to mind was Andrew Van Slee. Not only had he done everything we were setting out to do, many times before, but he was a fantastic consultant. He was able to guide us through each step and make it seem effortless." – Suzanne Lyons and Kate Robbins of Snowfall Films.

"Very well organized and presented. All extremely useful!" - Geoff Banjavich

"As an individual who has graduated from a film school and attended various workshops and seminars in the past, I found the IFA workshop to be jam-packed with useful information for anyone interested in learning about filmmaking. I came out of the workshop with new information and I felt inspired and motivated more than ever to pursue my own independent film projects!" - Hedyeh Bozorgzadeh

"Very Useful, wish that I had taken this seminar 10 years ago. You tell it like it is." - Scott Watson

So don’t sit around, waiting for a money truck to fall out of the sky! Take this seminar and learn the business tactics necessary to making your independent film a financial success!

Space is limited to qualified applicants only. The seminar will be held on Monday, March 26th, 2007 from 7 to 9 pm at IFA's Beverly Hills office. Check out the seminar sign-up form link or contact naomi@ifilmalliance.com to find out more.

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 All New - Redneck Designs!
 For all your Camo, Army and Hunting Needs

redneck Redneck Designs, a brand new online business, broke boldly into the clothing market in January 2007. Located in Victoria, British Columbia and spearheaded by Natalie McClendon, Redneck is a clear example of a business attuned mind and an entrepreneurial spirit. Working the business world for the last ten years, McClendon has learned to trust her instincts. When she gets an idea, she runs with it.

Redneck Designs was one of those ideas. Inspired by her brother’s acting career, McClendon got it in her head that Hollywood was in need of a store that focused solely on providing for the entertainment industry's every camouflage, army and military gear need. With the seed planted, McClendon didn’t need much prompting. Putting together a conglomeration of clothing and gear, Redneck Designs was born.

Boasting clothes that range from hip and fashionable to practical and sturdy, the Redneck Designs store front features 40 products with around 3,000 total items in stock. Beyond lines for men, women and children, Redneck offers prime selections of hunting gear, army wear, insignias, flags, headbands, hats and novelties. Intending to add ten new products a week, Redneck Designs has nowhere to go but up.

So, if you are in the market for an army wardrobe for your next independent film or searching for some fashionable camouflage to blend seamlessly into the hip LA world, Redneck Designs is your one-stop shop! Check it all out at www.redneckdesigns.com!