September 13th 2006 
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The IFA presents an exclusive interview with the beautiful Jodi Marie Reynolds.

 Actress of the Month - Jodi Marie Reynolds
 By Lisa Johnson

September 2006 Actress of the Month: Jodi Marie Reynolds

It was only three years ago that Jodi Marie Reynolds, a busy, Orange County mother of two, took her first acting class. Before that, she d never dreamed of being a star. No drama geek in high school, Jodi had been an athlete. But, when her children reached school age, she noticed a space in her life that needed to be filled. She had an encouraging friend who was having a ball acting and her husband was very supportive, so she thought, why not give it a try?

Paul Sylvan s acting class gave her the jumpstart her new career needed, and the next thing she knew, the petite brunette was going to auditions, and actually being cast in commercials, independent films, television series and plays. Sylvan s class encouraged her to just step in and be the character.

Acting wasn t quite the leap for Jodi that you might expect. The sports she d previously been involved with, gymnastics and figure skating, were all very performance oriented. She started out by landing supporting roles in indies such as Nanny and the Professional and Walk of Shame, which paved the way for leads in Voodoo Man, Seven Hearts, and ultimately, a one of the title characters in Angelo Bell s Valerie and Sid. She s now preparing for a challenging lead in Bell s latest film, Renounced, in which she plays the wife of a recovering drug addict.

In addition to film, Jodi has had roles in television series and pilots such as Experience Laguna, Subculture, No Justice and Untold Stories of the ER. Her stage work, especially her role as Madeleine Monroe in Tony and Tina s Wedding, won her critical acclaim, as well as kudos from one of the show s creators, Kevin Alexander.

Jodi acknowledges that the Internet has played a big part in the success she s achieved so far. She s found many invaluable opportunities and contacts via her page on Before she had an agent, she found many auditions and booked a number of roles on her own, using sites such as and Even though she has an agent currently, she still continues to get auditions for herself via these websites.

Other important resources that enable Jodi s acting career are a helpful husband who is her biggest cheerleader, as well as a reliable babysitter. Although she is the typical O.C. mother, that's not the first thing that comes to mind when casting directors see her. Most of the roles she gets are for females aged 25-30. I could never do this as a single mom, she says. It s just too tough. Most of her auditions happen in Los Angeles, while her kids are at school, or at night, when her husband can be home to watch their two sons.

Of her career goals, Jodi says, I don t expect to become famous. I d just like to make a decent living. As long as I m doing what I love, I consider my career a success.

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