August 2nd 2006
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Kimmarie Johnson wins our Actress of the Month
by Karina Halle

Congratulations to Kimmarie Johnson who won our July Actress of the Month competition with thousands of votes.

Kimmarie Johnson started modeling in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and did well enough to enter other markets and booked national jobs. A former beauty queen and top finalist at the Miss USA pageant, representing the state of Pennsylvania, Johnson took acting classes in Pittsburgh and upon her arrival in Los Angeles, she immediately started seeking more classes to further her skills.

While learning from Janet Alhanti at Margie Habor studios, and taking part in various other classes, she continued to model and do commercials as well as music videos/industrials. This, coupled with the actress/waitress route, ensured Johnson would be able to afford her dream.

Most recently, Johnson was in a film directed by Ruben Pla where she plays detective Baptise. She also had a small appearance in the film Diary of a Tired Black Man, written and directed by Tim Alexander. She has also executive produced a film called The Last Eve, directed by Young Man Kang, which won several film festivals including The New York Film Festival, for Best Action Film.

Johnson is currently preparing for a role in a film tentatively titled Kimchi Warrior, where she will play a cop who really knows how to fight. She's been toughing it out, working hard and looking forward to seeing the fruits of her labor.

Johnson owes her drive and success to her life philosophy: “It is better to bend with the wind than to break.”

"I am thankful to IFA for allowing me the opportunity to be actor of the month and allowing me to share my voice and my experience. I'm looking forward to more action in the near future," says Johnson.

With Johnson’s rocketing career and quality track record, there is no doubt that she’ll be seeing a lot more action. Hollywood better watch out.

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Digital Sound Magic

"Acts of Imagination", a film of which Digital Sound Magic Recording Studios is just finishing up the final mix, has been accepted into the Toronto and Vancouver film festivals for September.

Digital Sound Magic was in charge of all background editing, foley recording/editing, ADR recording/editing, effects recording/editing, and music recording/editing. The film is being blown up to 35mm film and the final audio mix will be full Dolby 5.1 surround.

Very exciting, and very hard work.

Next up: foreign audio dub and Europe!


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