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Calling All Filmmakers: Rebelfest International Film Festival
by Sasheen Roberts

This year will mark the third annual Rebelfest International Film Festival. This non-profit festival goes head to head with the mighty Toronto International Film Festival during it’s opening weekend so it has the benefit of international distributors, film critics and reps who flood the city each September.

Rebelfest was brought to life by three Indie film makers who were tired of the norm and dared to challenge the status quo. Having stirred the pot in the kitchen of main stream festivals (through their own indie projects), these three masterminds cooked up an inspired idea to create a marketable, alternative festival.

Living up to its name, this festival’s mandate is to celebrate and showcase low budget Indie films that haven’t received Government funding or support from any film institutions and encouraging the growth of new filmmakers who get overlooked by the larger festivals.

With a new selection committee every year, it ensures no pre-selected films, allowing every filmmaker’s work an equal shot at being selected. The categories include features, shorts, music videos and student projects which are all integrated into each screening, maximizing everyone’s exposure.

Wanting to make a difference in connecting indie films with distribution deals, the co-directors of Rebelfest formed a new arm of their organization called Rebelfest Releasing where the winners of the “Festival Director Prize” receive an offer of distribution for their film.

Rebelfest brings its unique approach and energetic format, representing the next wave in film festivals, celebrating true Independent Cinema but mostly exemplifying being indie and what that means.

For further information check out Rebelfest.

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