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Being Resourceful: how to use our resource section
by Karina Halle

Vancouver, BC - Jul 25, 2006 We’ve gotten a lot of questions from people regarding our resource listings and how it all works. So, to cut down on confusion, I figured I should give you a short tutorial right here and now. Say you are a film producer who is coming to Vancouver to shoot an Indie film. Problem is, you don’t know the town and aren’t sure where to find the things you need. Look no further, our IFA Resources section is there to help.

If it’s catering you want for your film’s wrap party, just go to our home page. From there you have an option to go through the Resources link or bypass all that by entering a keyword on the main page. Type in “catering” for your keyword and voila, you have several listings of people who do catering in the area -- choose from dessert (Casa Gelato) or bar catering (Marquis Wines) or gourmet cuisine (Peake of Catering). Deciding to shoot the movie in LA instead? No problem, just click on the American flag logo on the home page and your query will be redirected for that area.

Looking for something more specific? Perhaps you want to hire dancers for your film. Click on Resources, which will then prompt you to specify the area. If it’s Calgary you want, click Calgary. Then choose from the list of categories on the drop-down menus. Find Dancers/Choreographers under Performers and Related Services, and there you have it, a list of dancers in the area all at your disposal.

The resource listings aren’t just for people in the industry, either. Going to a wedding in West Hollywood but not sure where to get flowers? Pull up the Services tab, select Flowers and take your pick of the litter. Leo’s Flower Shop happens to be in your area, and with the Google map and contact info, you’ll be on your way to getting flowers in minutes. The best part is, many services listed within our database offer discounts to IFA members (for example, Marquis Wines offers 10% off of a case of wine), so sign up with the IFA today and start receiving those savings today!

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