"Love never dies...but it can kill you"

 How can two completely different people be so similar ?

 Two People In Complete Darkness is my Calling Card and is a very important follow up. I have long seen myself as a hopeFULL romantic. Coming from this perspective I have been obsessed and (I think) able to more clearly see the dangers of falling too deeply in love ;  something that causes such a blissful, relaxed and optimistic sensation can, at the loss of it, create such torture, sorrow and despair. How love kills and dies and drives us.  How the differences between polar opposites are often indiscernible. Like  crying and laughing. Darkness and light. Highs and lows of emotions (and people)  are often similar and minute. I plan on expressing and challenging these notions in the film. Visually I bookend the film with complete darkness. The main scene's conflict will be bright and white and overexposed. I'd like to be very monochromatic with the colouring ; Shooting with a grey/bluish tone and in a white apartment with black furniture and have my characters dressed in black/white (even as far as their hair been black and or salt and pepper) , even though we're shooting colour.  I intend to claustrophobically thrust my two main characters into every frame together - in a two shot - background/ foreground, rake etc) They will both be in every shot - so you are constantly comparing them. That's why building a set would be ideal. Specifically for the opening shot when the character first meet. I'd like to split the frame from either side of the door. I'd like to use as much of an unflinching camera as possible...this means long and rehearsed takes and choreographed blocking for both actors/camera. I like handheld and I like wide frames and as less edits as possible.  I want to organically capture my characters intentions...Which will either play out...or die.

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