IFA Honors Two Talented Writers! FULL STORY
July 19, 2006 | Announcing our Screenplay Winners!
Congratulations to William Finlay of Toronto, Ontario, for his winning Feature-Length Script Spur of the Moment. A comedy-thriller, Spur of the Moment is about a man who undergoes a surprising and remarkable transformation after he uncharacteristically decks a belligerent stranger - only to learn the man he punched is a notorious underworld figure who’s looking to exact revenge. But winning is nothing new to Finlay, whose family script 10 Cent Solution won the Gold Prize at the 2004 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards. | FULL STORY
July 7th 2006 - IFA SCREENPLAY COMPETITION UPDATE - Our apologies... it’s been a very tough choice! We needed a few extra days to review the top scripts. We will make the announcement next week.
Thank you for your patience!
June 15th 2006 - IFA SCREENPLAY COMPETITION UPDATE - The winners of the 2nd IFA Screenplay Competition will be announced on or before June 30th 2006. We have completed reading all of the submissions and we are in the process of making our final selections. Thanks for your patience. There were some wonderful screenplays that were submitted. We may post the top 10 finalists next week and then announce the winners before the 30th. Check back here next week.
April 26th 2006 - IFA SCREENPLAY COMPETIONS DEADLINE CLOSED - The 2nd IFA International screenplay competitions deadlines have passed. We thank everyone who entered the competition. We have started to read the scripts and will post the finalists once we have finished reading all of the entries. This will take approx. 30-60 days. You will be notified if you are a finalist via email. We will also post the finalists on the site, so continue to check back. For the competition, we did not receive the required amount of screenplays for each category but we have decided to move forward instead of extending the deadline. This may affect the prizes but you will be notified if you are a winner of any changes in the prizes. We base our prizes on a certain amount of entries and we don’t get the required amount it affects our budget etc. All in all we have received some great scripts and thank all of you for entering, and we wish you all the best of luck!
April 26th 2006 - IFA ANNOUNCES DATES FOR 3RD IFA SCREENPLAY COMPETITIONS - The IFA is pleased to announce the new dates for the 3rd IFA International Screenplay Competitions. New regular deadline: November 1st 2006. Early deadline July 15th 2006. Click on competitions to get more details.