From Munchkin to Movie Star
The Independent Film Alliance is pleased to announce that our May Actress of the Month is the lovely Christina DeRosa, who attracted an outstanding 72,847 votes on our website. Born and raised in New York City, DeRosa was only 10 years old when she was cast in her first professional musical, as a munchkin alongside a young Natalie Portman in The Wizard of Oz.

DeRosa’s come a long way since then. After graduating from UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film and TV, and attending such prestigious programs as The Groundlings and The Larry Moss studio, DeRosa has been working steadily in modeling, commercials, film and television. She recently wrapped up her role as a lesbian lover in the upcoming horror film Blood and Guts and had a satirical role as a singing porn star in Parental Guidance Suggested, directed by Adam Epstein and Andrew Jacobson. She is featured in two Albertsons commercials and currently acts as the spokesperson for Epiphany Lingerie. Aside from her acting and modeling jobs, this multi-talented firecracker also sings and is busy collaborating with music producer Ralph Churchwell, who has produced such acts as Lenny Kravitz, The Baha Men and Beth Orton. She is represented by JLA Talent and is managed by Ralph Lliteras.

Whatever DeRosa's doing, she's doing it right. Maybe her success has something to do with her positive outlook, succinctly described by the versatile and feisty woman herself: "Sassy is not an attitude; it’s a way of life for me."

Congratulations to rising star Christina DeRosa, who will be receiving a grand prize check as well as well-deserved accolades as IFA’s first Actress of the Month. By winning, she is also selected to be a calendar girl in IFA’s 2007 Indie Calendar, which will be out in December 2006.