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Business Services:
Caption Depot has been Turning Sight Into Sound since 1998. Our current clientele includes A&E Networks, Discovery, Bravo, and production houses worldwide. We offer a wide variety of solutions for your Closed Captioning needs. Providing high quality offline closed captioning, multi-language subtitling services for all of your SD and/or HD needs.

All Captioning/Subtitling services are done in-house on our state-of-the-art equipment. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will get your project done on time and within your budget. Wherever there is a need for quality captioning/subtitling, Caption Depot is there to meet your needs.

Caption Depot is a Post-Production Facility where all your needs will be met.

Realtime/Online Captioning SD - Captioning produced live in realtime. With an accuracy rate of 98% or better.

Offline Captioning SD (608 compliant) - Captioning done on tape or digital video in our studio. Captions are usually “pop-on” but could be “roll-up”.
-Email Final Captioned File
-Encode Captioned Master

Spanish and French Captioning SD, live or offline
-Email Final Captioned File
-Encode Captioned Master

HD Captioning (708 compliant)
-Email Final Captioned File
-Encode Captioned Master

Internet Captioning (508 compliant) - Captioning done on digital format such as MPEG, WMV, MOV, AVI. These captions are usually “pop-on” but could be “roll-up”.

Translations: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian

Transcriptions: French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

Subtitles are open captions that are created with a character generator or to create captions on a DVD.
-Email Subtitled File
-Encode Subtitled Master

Audio Description/Video Description - Narration on an alternate audio track (such as SAP) that describes the video for blind people.

Caption Depot is available to you 24/7

By your programs/network(s) being captioned, you’re reaching the following:
-24 million hearing impaired Americans (Approximately 8% of any community is hard of hearing.)
-30 million people in the United States who use closed captioning to learn English as a second language
-16 million young children who are using closed captioning as a tool to read and write.
Business category  SERVICES -- Closed Captioning/Transcription
Address  875 N.E 79th Street
City/State/ZIP/Country  Miami, Florida, 33138 United States
Phone/Fax  Ph: (305) 403-0177 - Fax: (305) 756-3370
Contact Name  Laura Rodriguez
email  Laura@captiondepot.net
Web Site  www.captiondepot.net

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