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Business Services:
Media One has everything it takes - coast-to-coast offices, highly specialized and experienced crews, full-feature Betacam SP and Digital Betacam, lighting and sound equipment, multiple camera capabilities, and a strong commitment to excellence - to ensure your productions always look their best.

With our extensive experience in broadcast, EFP, drama and documentary production, along with high-end corporate and promotional videos, Media One's services are now available to you at very competitive rates.

Business category  PRODUCTION PERSONNEL -- Cinematography - Directors of Photography
PRODUCTION PERSONNEL -- Cinematography - Camera Operators
PRODUCTION PERSONNEL -- Lighting (Best Boys, Directors, Electricians, Gaffers, Generator Operators)
Address  ---
City/State/ZIP/Country  ---, Ontario, ----- Canada
Phone/Fax  Ph: (905) 420-0992
Contact Name  George Harrold
email  production@mediaone.tv
Web Site  www.mediaone.tv

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