February 11th - 18th
New York Fashion Scene
Sara McDermott
Fashion and the world of Hollywood are closely linked. It is through the influence of Hollywood celebrities and film that hot new styles trickle down from A-listers to the masses and that affordable knock-offs begin to appear in stores those masses frequent. And don’t thin that independent films aren’t as influential as the big-budget flicks-wherever there’s an audience that audience is influenced. Visibility in Hollywood whether on-screen or about town and in tabloids means demand everywhere else.

Not to suggest, though, that this is a once-way street with Hollywood calling all the shorts. Stars don’t just dictate what plays well in the world of fashion; the world of fashion dictates what many stars are going to be pulling on in the morning when they go to the wardrobe. New collects on the runway translate into the costumes for all types of characters.

From February 11th to the 18th, New York will bear witness to what is perhaps the greatest testament to the similarities between red carpets and runway: New York Fashion Week. For eight glorious days, big-name designers and models will give it their all on the catwalk, and A-list celebrities from around the globe will turn up to see the latest trends – and choose their favourite pieces.

During Fashion Week. There’s bound to be quite a stir around design houses who reign as fashion royalty: Mizrahi, Herrera, Von Furstenberg, Wang … However, there’s bound to be equal stir around those who will be in the audience. Last year’s guests includes Charlize Theron, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, Lindsay Lohan, Winona Ryder and Rosario Dawson, just to name a few. Rumour has it that, come February 11th, many of the same stars, along with other notables like Brook Shields, will take seats in the white tents at Bryant Park. While big designers command respect in the fashion world and the fashion-savvy, takes a major celebrity face-and-body-to help give them the exposure to, well… all the other worlds.

Who knows what the Fashion Week will bring? Many have their own predictions but whatever comes strolling down the catwalk, one thing is certain: many of the faces in the audience will be the same faces we know and love from film. And in the days following the event, their pictures will be in every magazine and on every celebrity news program, with details on whose shows they went to, what designers they like-and, of course, who they’re wearing.