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Above is a picture of the IFA Vancouver located on the lot at Lions Gate Studios.

Andrew is so inspiring! - Lisaloo

Very Useful, wish that I had taken this seminar 10 years ago. You tell it like it is. - Scott Watson

Very well organized and presented. All extremely useful! - Geoff Banjavich

Thanks, very encouraging! - Joseph Worley

As an individual who has graduated from a film school and attended various workshops and seminars in the past, I found the IFA workshop to be jam-packed with useful information for anyone interested in learning about filmmaking. I came out of the workshop with new information and I felt inspired and motivated more than ever to pursue my own independent film projects! - Hedyeh Bozorgzadeh

Awesome! Very real, inspiring and empowering! - Shaeah Fialkow

Great Seminar! - Bryan McPherson

My film partner, Kate, and I started a new genre division of our company this past fall.  We had decided to raise money and do a series of horror films.  Since we had only done international co-productions at that point, we had never raised money privately and had never taken on doing a movie here in Los Angeles. Also, we had always had international partners that shared the jobs.  This time we were responsible for every single aspect from raising the money, to producing the film, getting through post, finding a distributor and then delivering the final product in time for the film market.  We were clear we needed an advisor to guide us through ever step of the way.
The first and only person to come to mind was Andrew Van Slee.  Not only had he done everything we were setting out to do, many times before, but he was a fantastic consultant.  He was able to guide us through each step and make it seem effortless.
After numerous informational conference calls, budget meetings, LLC advice, sales presentation consulting and visits to our set, Andrew saw the results of his expert advice.  Our first of many horror films is complete and has a fantastic distributor now on board.  It will be screening to the buyers in prime time slots at next months American Film Market.  
As our advisor, consultant and executive Andrew took us through each and every step of the film making process.  From raising the money to screening at the market, Andrew's expertise in all of these arenas was remarkable. - Suzanne & Kate